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You can apply now by completing an application for Sharp Transportation by following this link: https://intelliapp.driverapponline.com/c/sharptransportation. Review our Drive Qualifications below before applying.

You can also complete a Pre-Employment Application form to give us a summary of your background, and we’ll contact you about the next steps.

Driver Qualifications

    • Applicants must meet the following qualifications before applying:
    • Minimum age requirement – 22 years of age at time of application.
    • Minimum Commercial Motor Vehicle experience – 1 year experience.
    • Must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) class “A.”
    • Must provide a current Department of Transportation medical card.
    • No serious or disqualifying traffic violations within the last 3 years as follows:
      • Excessive Speeding, involving any single offense for any speed of 15 m.p.h.
      • Reckless driving, as defined by State or Local law or regulation, including but not limited to the offense of driving a motor vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.
      • Improper or erratic lane changes.
      • Following too close.
      • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs within the last 3 years.
      • Hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident failure to report and accident.
    • No more than 4 moving violations in the last 3 years and no more than 2 in the previous 12 months – Must Provide Current MVR with Application.
    • No preventable accidents involving a fatality, bodily injuries treated away from the scene, or disabling damage damage to a motor vehicle requiring it to be towed from the scene within 3 years.
    • Must pass mandatory DOT drug screen test as required by section 382.301 FMCSR.
    • Must have current DOT physical as required by section 391.41 FMCSR.
    • Must provide verifiable work history for past 10 years with no gaps as per section 391.21 (b) (11).
      • Use month to month only. Do not use days. (Sample: From 10/92 to 12/96, NOT 10/2/92 to 12/15/96).
      • Must be able to provide phone numbers, W-2s or other acceptable means of verification for work covering the last three years.
      • Must be able to read and speak English per section 391.11 part 2 FMCSR.
      • No more than 1 DOT reportable accidents in the last 3 years, must be filled out on application.
      • Applicants must be able to pass the physical qualifications set by the department of transportation.
    • Please remember, that you are the first point of contact with the customers of SHARP TRANSPORTATION, INC. Your appearance and attitude are very important.

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